My job

When could you honestly say, “I love my job?” How do you know when you love the work you do?
My job is Agent (Recruiter, Headhunter and Career counselor)  for creative people.
I can honestly say I love my job.  Why ?  The reason is simple, I believe the job is worthy to do it myself.

There are some points how I feel like it.


  • 1- Helping Others
  • 2- Developing new market
  • 3- Learning a lot from people


Although current Japan still has a pessimistic outlook about changing jobs and recruiters, creative people need career development advice from specialist. So, I wanted to help them, because I had been in the same position. I decided to concentrate on pursuing career development business for creative people when I joined recruitment world in 2004.
Now, clients express their thanks to me and I feel that my work is very well worth doing.

Do you like your job?